Reading books by chapters

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I’ve always been a chaotic reader.

I start books, read a few pages, get interrupted, and come back days or weeks later. I might pick up where I left off, or I might start from the beginning again. I read bits and pieces of dozens of books at the same time.

But there are some books that I want to savor. I want to take my time with them, to read slowly and savor every word. These are the books that I read by chapter.

It usually looks like this: I wake up, make a coffee, and read one chapter of a book. I finish the chapter, and I don’t start another – even though I’m tempted to.

Instead, I put the book down and go about my day. I might think about the book while I’m doing the dishes or taking a walk, but I don’t allow myself to pick it up again until evening, or the next day.

Reading by chapter feels like a luxury. I’m in no hurry to finish the book, so I can take my time and really enjoy it.

It also helps me remember it better. There’s only one chapter to think about, and I can really mull over what it said and how I feel about it. When I come back to the book, I pick up where I left off without having to reread the whole thing to remind myself the main idea.


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