Introducing Whisper Memos

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🎉 Whisper Memos is now available in the App Store!

Whisper Memos is an app that records your voice and sends you an email with the transcription a few minutes later. It is based on OpenAI’s new Whisper technology. The outcome is simply very accurate.

I got the idea after reading this comment. The author talks about their use case - summarizing the day on a voice memo, but never really coming back to it:

I like to record audio notes while driving in my car after work, to kind of decompress my thoughts from the day. But I never go back and listen as they can be long and meandering. Sometimes in the audio log I will sum up my thoughts, but this might be 20 minutes in and hard to find. I really wish I had transcriptions so I could easily scan the full contents.

So far, my usecase has been journaling and taking book notes. I love reading physical books, but despise photographing them. (Using an app like Highlighted helps.) With this, I can simply press a button on the lock screen, and read my favorite part aloud.

App Store

Everything I record lands in my inbox. Most of the notes I will copy into Reflect, but some of them are actionable items - so I might create a todo, or run an errand based on the reminder.

I would love for you to try it. You can download it by visiting Please let me know if you find any bugs or problems!


I'm Vojtech, a software engineer who keeps looking for ways to be more focused in work and life. I'm building FocusTask and Whisper Memos.