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What worries me about remote work

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Vojtech Rinik
·Oct 11, 2021·

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Read this excerpt from Bill Atkinson's account of Joining Apple Computer :

Steve Jobs and I became close friends. We went for long walks at Castle Rock State Park, shared meals and wide-ranging conversations about life and design. We bounced ideas off each other. Sometimes he would start a conversation with "Here's a crazy idea...", and the idea would go back and forth and evolve into a serious discussion, or occasionally a workable design. Steve listened to me and challenged me. His support at Apple allowed me to made a difference in the world.

This is what I really miss when working remotely. Hanging out with the team and figuring out new ideas in person.

I don't know if tools for remote communication will ever make it close enough. Or maybe company retreats are the way to go.

But this is something I really miss.

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